Organise your wall decor

By hanging pictures, objects, photographs or other visual images on your walls, you extend your interior decorating to the walls of your rooms. That is a pretty cool concept.

What makes it even more exceptional is that living spaces are unique, because everyone interprets their own space differently. So by putting thought into decorating your walls, you tell your own stories.

Also, having art on your walls is a practical way to absorb sound. These days it is very easy to find unique art prints or any kind of wall art or even making your own, the sky is indeed the limit…

Organise your wall decor, blue tiles against the wall.
Gallery wall with tiles in my kitchen.

There are many different ways to hang your pictures and also many different items to hang on your walls. 

To keep it simple go with what works with your own interior and keep it in your own style.  With this I mean use pictures/photographs/images that mean something to you personally.  This will make your interior more unique. There isn’t really a right or wrong when it comes to your own personal space.

A practical plan : how to hang your pictures on the wall

Clear a space on the floor or table, big enough to represent your wall space. Then try out different arrangements of the items you want to hang on the wall.  This way you can visually see what would work best.  When you’re happy, maybe cut out a template of each of the items you want to hang on the wall and stick it (lightly) with something like bostik blu tack on the wall. You can then see what your collage will look like, but can still make changes and keep doing it until you’re happy. And when you’re happy the fun starts with drilling holes or hammering nails into the wall, before the satisfaction of hanging your pictures on the wall.

organise your wall decor blog
Bigger artwork above the chimney as seen in my living room.

Small and similar items

Organise your wall decor - spoons in a row.
Group of spoons

Remember small items work well when grouped together while larger items usually need to hang alone to look their best, but keep on experimenting until YOU are happy. 

To group similar items together makes for an attractive display, for example mirrors, spoons, tiles, collections of plants, wooden animals or things that have similar colours, patterns or textures.

For something different why not ‘theme’ a room.  For example, use one room, like a living room, for things you picked up on your travels or a specific country or all things plants, flowers or even sporty things. 

Gallery walls

A gallery wall works really well when displaying similar items, like photographs of your family, your travels or just pictures that you like. One thread that binds all the items together, can make for a more cohesive display: for example photographs, pictures about landscapes, black and white photographs or maybe a specific colour that is prominent in all of the pics.

Photographs are so uniquely personal and can be displayed in so many interesting ways, from pop art-style to different sizes in similar or different frames.  To make such a display of photographs even more interesting use a range of frames and assortment of materials. In the end it is a statement of your individuality and reflects your personality.

Organise your wall decor, gallery wall upstairs.
A popular place for a gallery wall is by your staircase

Be creative.  Think outside the box.  You can even display wall hangings on a curtain pole.

Organise your wall decor blog

And whatever you hang on your walls – from precious framed postcards to a beautiful piece of artwork, patterned paper or fabric, a intricate puzzle that you built with your beloved, or even a piece of furniture, make it unique because it tells your story.

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