mood board to final product

From Mood Board to Final Design : FINAL

This blog happened so much later than I anticipated when I started the mood board-series. Because life happened.


So, before I show you my final design, just a few pointers.


The mood board and final design in this case only shows what I specifically wanted to change in the living room.  You can use the same technique with furniture, soft furnishing, curtains, blinds or floors by using fabric swatches or floor samples on your mood board.   In fact, the make-over of a room might be less overwhelming if you break it up in smaller pieces.  Just remember all the smaller parts need to form one coherent idea.

You can also make small changes which makes a big difference in the room. For example I couldn’t find a frame for the one artwork on the opposite wall from the fireplace. So I painted the existing frame the same  colour as the chimney breast, as seen below.

Moodboard to final design
This is a painting by the South African artist Irena Coetzee, who lives in Bonnievale, South Africa. The wooden frame was painted mussel blue.




Following are some images of ‘before’ I started my make-over and then ‘after’ I finished it.

Moodboard to final design
The ‘after’-picture definitely looks more fresh and streamlined. And this is what I wanted for the room.


Mood board to final
A room needs a focal point. In my living room the focal point is the fireplace which includes the lovely artwork. Also notice how the blue of the chimney breast picks up on the blue in the tiles on the fireplace and in the artwork.




the final look
Finally changing furnishings like lights and pictures make a huge difference to any room and because of the variety available these days, you can stay within budget.



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