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Household Items I can’t live without

When you think of the items in your house, in your space, that really work, that fulfil their function properly, then there are actually quite a few. I recently walked around the house looking for these kind of items that I can’t live without and found many.

It is as a matter of fact a very subjective exercise, because what might work for some might not work for others. This also comes down to the practicalities like lay-out of your space, wall space, countertop space and more. But all that aside, here are some of my top items that make normal living just that more enjoyable and satisfactory.


A great way to keep clutter at bay or store essentials or for making your indoor plants look even prettier, is the use of baskets. These days you can buy them in so many different shapes and sizes which is really handy. Also in different tones from very light, to more natural and grey. Most home stores have a variety of baskets to choose from and that might sometimes feel overwhelming. So, just stick to similar tones of colour and what fits with your decor for a more cohesive look.

Items I can't live without
Baskets which I got from a variety of home stores.


Storage or your pet’s bedding

I really struggled with where to put our dog’s bedding during the day. He is a Jack Russell and always running around with his blanket and chewing it if we don’t take the blanket away. I found this pretty wall shelf with storage underneath in Ikea. It is small enough that it can be fitted into a small space. It is also very stylish as a shelf so looks nice as well.

item can't live without
Shelf with storage.


Storage for Utensils

handy items

When you do a lot of cooking and baking it is ideal to have your utensils close to the stove. A big pot which can be specifically used for this or a pretty flower pot or any kind will actually do. As long as it is high and wide enough and fits with your colour scheme and decor. It will be a total individual choice, but a great help to have. I made this specific one during a pottery class at Ballymorris Pottery during the winter months and it is ideal.



Storage using glass jars

Something that really works well are glass jars. And this doesn’t have to be expensive, because you can use any glass jars, like recycle old jam or pesto jars. I wrote a blog about Clever Organising where I touch on this as well. Yes, you can also find beautiful glass jars in different home stores that will definitely work and look pleasing on the eye. More important is that they are airtight. And especially in the kitchen where you want to put all your staples like rice, lentils, sugars in similar jars for a cohesive look. Remember to put the ‘best-before-date’ on the inside lid or bottom of the jar.

glass jars for storage
Pretty glass jars.

Upright storage

These plate holders are not only for plates. They are also ideal to stack thin upright items in a cupboard. I’ve been struggling to store flat baking trays, muffin pans, cutting boards and trays in such a way that it isn’t so cluttered. So I got this idea to stick them on this plate holder and it is perfect. It works like a dream. You’ll find them at some home stores. This one is from Ikea.

plate holder
Plate holder.

Hooks & hangers

Believe me you can never have too many hooks and hangers on your walls or on the back of doors. Especially if your space is small and you want to optimise the wall space. It makes your space also look neater. And if you are renting a place and are unsure about drilling or hammering into the wall, you can always use those hooks that you hang over the door. Again hooks and hangers are available in a huge variety at most home stores.



There are many many more items which are very handy and practical like under-bed storage, electrical cord organisers, shelf dividers and more. But in the end it is important to buy what you need and will work in your space.

Until a next time.

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