Clever Organising in Your Home

You know that lovely feeling when you can find things. Documents, warrants, recipes, a winter coat, even paint brushes? When you feel in charge of your home because of how organised it is?

Unfortunately, our homes and lives are not always that organised because …. well, because life happens. But it is never too late to start organising your home.

Not touching on the obvious ones of contacting charity shops and recycling centres for your unwanted goods, here are my five points to help make your life a little bit easier when it comes to organising your home.

Five ideas

1. Invest in storage.  We all live in different size spaces and I appreciate that with small rooms and not a lot of space the organising is definitely a bigger challenge, but still achievable.  On the plus side if you know the space is limited you might be less inclined to hoard. When you don’t have a lot of space furniture with extra storage is a bonus, for example a coffee table with drawers might come in handy or a bed with drawers underneath. For smaller bedrooms a bunkbed with a table underneath is ideal or where children share a room, a bunkbed to create more playing space will work well.  Be practical and do your homework.  Look for things that will work for your own space, for your rooms.

2. Clear plastic boxes are your friend.  They make anything look neat.   You can see what is in it but can still label them.  I use these everywhere, but especially in my utility/laundry room to organise everything from cleaning products to used batteries and it just looks so much tidier. (A next blog will feature clever ideas from my small utility room).

Sturdy shoeboxes or any kind of box, will work just as well.  To get a more cohesive look wrap them in brown paper or pretty wrapping paper or even old newspapers.  Let them be part of your decorating scheme.  Anything boxy stacks well and makes the space look neater. These wooden fruit crates will also do the job.

clever organising
Very handy fruit box.


Even within your cupboards you can use shelf risers for easy access in the back.  You can buy these or make them from old cardboard boxes and stack other things on top.

Organising your shelves
Handy shelf risers.


3. Also, when floor space isn’t much, make your walls work harder.  Use the vertical space.  Add a shelf above a door and put some boxes up there. Colour code them for a cohesive look.

shelf above the door clever organising
Shelf above the door for more storage.


Blackboard clever organising

4. Be creative with how you organise your home.   For example an easy and original way to create a weekly schedule for meetings, sport or concert events in your house, is to paint a rectangle (or whatever shape you want) of blackboard paint somewhere in the house and write your schedule on that every week. It is fun and personal. Paint it in a communal area where everyone can see and read it. Work out exactly what size you need and where you want it before prepping the wall and start painting.  Use a ruler and masking tape to draw it neatly and even.  

5. Be creative with your choice of materials to organise.  Like hooks for tea towels can easily be used for your jewellery, beads, necklaces or even thinner scarves.  Have a few next to your dressing table for easy access.

hooks to make organising easier
versatile glass jars
glass jars are so versatile.

And glass bottles, like jam or pesto jars, can be re-used to make beads or small items look really pretty and still be practical and at hand.  Decorate with a pretty piece of fabric and ribbon.

These are just a few ideas to help you organise your home. 

There are many more ideas you can do to help organise your own home and stay on top of it. 

Happy creative organising!

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