Easy Summer dessert

Easy Summer Dessert

During the summer months outside meals and barbecues are the order of the day, especially if the weather is warm and dry. And this is always a very important consideration when living in Ireland. To then also have an easy summer dessert to whip together is just an added bonus.

I remember this summer dessert from my childhood days. My mom often had to cater for big crowds because we have a big family with many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, who often met. She was a wizard in making delicious and tasty food that could also go a long way. And I assume in many ways if she didn’t have lots of ingredients, she had to be creative and think on her feet. This recipe was one of them and enjoyed by all.


One tin evaporated milk

2 packets of jelly (strawberry and raspberry flavour)

Strawberries and other berries to decorate

Cream optional


  • Put the tin evaporated milk in the fridge for around 24 hours before you make this.
  • Mix the 2 packets of jelly with about 200 – 300ml of boiling water and mix till smooth. Let it cool down until the mixture is almost set, but still runny. (I put it in the fridge).
  • Pour the evaporated milk in a big mixing bowl and mix with an electric hand mixer. You need to get lots of air in it to make the mixture light.
  • When it has about tripled in size add the cooled down jelly and mix very well together.
  • Transfer to a serving bowl and put in the fridge. It is also an idea to pour the mixture in separate (glass) bowls for individual servings. I usually make this one day ahead of serving, but the dessert should set within a few hours.
  • When serving add the strawberries and blueberries on top and a dollop of cream if you want.
  • You can also sprinkle some nuts or grated chocolate over for added deliciousness.

Side notes:

My mom sometimes made this with a layer of ladyfinger biscuits (or savoiardi biscuits) on the bottom of the bowl and then poured the jelly/milk mixture on top. This was definitely more filling.

If you want to use a different flavour jelly add a complementary fruit flavour to decorate, for example when using a tropical flavoured jelly use pieces of pineapple or mango to decorate.

Also, evaporated milk is made by removing 60 percent of the water from ordinary milk.  


easy dessert


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