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Me and my blog

The name of my blog came about some time ago ….. I imagined readers enjoying a cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning, say 11 o’clock, and looking for something to read. Yes! My blog posts.


Welcome. I’m glad you stopped by to read about life in general. Maybe you also enjoy reading about interiors, a recipe or a recent book I’ve read.

If you also really love interiors, but want to try things yourself, like putting a mood board together, these interior blogs are for you.  Not only am I writing blogs for the home owner with an average sized budget (and space), but also for those interested in some history to do with interiors and any interior idea that I can think of.

And anyone who enjoys cooking and baking, same here. I enjoy making yummy things and will only post recipes which I have tried and tested! Also, I will add a picture or two of my creation.

Then there are blogs about life in general. This category is quite wide and can include anything and everything else that won’t fit under the other categories. Indeed, like a book I really enjoyed and made me think…..

As a trained journalist working in South Africa during the late eighties, early nineties, I have always had an appreciation for words. I’ve worked for newspapers, magazines and press associations.  And now, living in Co Limerick, Ireland, I recently qualified as an Interior Designer, so it is great to combine the two as well.

All the writing is my own work and the views my own. If you want to contact me for a consultation or a collaboration please feel free to do so on the contact page.

Happy reading.

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