Make your space your own

Make Your Space Your Own

t's pleasing on the eye to have a space designed which looks like a picture out of a designer magazine. But, we all know if your interior looks exactly like the one next door, it unfortunately lacks personality and is forgettable. Don't…
random organinsing

Some random organizing ideas

Usually when I am organizing, I try to keep to one room or a section of a room. But, over the past few weeks I’ve done some random organizing, unrelated to specific rooms or items, only because there was an urgent need to…
style your shelf

How to style a shelf

It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, there is always room for a shelf somewhere. Shelves are wonderful space savers and also makes your living space feel more individual, especially because you can style it with…
Unite de Habitation

Housing Block the ‘Unité d’habitation’

Visiting the housing block, the Unité d'habitation in Marseille, made me think back on my first studio apartment I lived in. I had just started working and in those days Hillbrow in Johannesburg, had many apartment or housing…
clever use of extra space

Clever use of smaller spaces

  The first apartment I moved into some many years ago was a studio apartment in Johannesburg. Not a big space, but perfect for one person. Luckily I didn't have that many possessions so it didn't really feel cluttered.…
easy updates flowers

Quick refresh of your interior space

It happens. You look around your space and you just feel tired with the decor, the interior. No specific reason, it just doesn't inspire you anymore. That means it is time for a quick refresh of your interior space. Without…
entrance hall baskets

Household Items I can’t live without

When you think of the items in your house, in your space, that really work, that fulfil their function properly, then there are actually quite a few. I recently walked around the house looking for these kind of items that I…
Create a cozy outside

Interior ideas for your outside space

In Ireland the summer is fickle.  Endless sunny days are not a given like for example a South African summer. But I still enjoy summer as a different season here. The beautiful greenery and colours everywhere, the birdsong,…
Hygge book

What is ‘Hygge’ all about?

Hygge.  The Danish word for something like cosiness, comfort, warmth. Or how to create an atmosphere, a feeling of home where you feel safe and comfortable. But, it is also about giving and gratitude. And it describes…
Bedroom make-over

Easy bedroom update

When it comes to interiors many people feel overwhelmed by too many options. They find it hard to make decisions. Decisions about changing room lay-outs, picking colours and choosing furniture or soft furnishings. As…