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Quick refresh of your interior space

It happens. You look around your space and you just feel tired with the decor, the interior. No specific reason, it just doesn’t inspire you anymore. That means it is time for a quick refresh of your interior space. Without spending a fortune.


Here are a few very easy and low budget updates to spruce up your interiors:

  • Add flowers to your space. They brighten up any room and add colour and drama. Make them part of your interior by using unique arrangements and vases. And if you are lucky enough to have a garden pick some flowers that are in season. Use any new blooms in a creative arrangement to make it individual.
  • Add plants. Plants are beautiful visual objects to add to any interior space. On top of that they constantly change as they grow and get more leaves and/or flowers. You can also move them around and put them in different places. And certain plants will also help to control humidity. So now is the time to add a spider plant to your book shelves or some devil ivy hanging from the top kitchen shelf. And why you are busy with plants why not put some in cute baskets around your space. Also see my blog about houseplants for more tips.
  • Why not change some furniture around?  Tired of a certain lay-out in your living room?  Change the sofa around or move the arm chairs in different positions. This takes time and you have to physically move the furniture in their different positions to really see what it will look like. But believe me it is a worthwhile experiment!
  • Rugs add warmth and definition and helps to redefine a space. So add a rug somewhere that might make the look totally different. Remember it is layers and texture that adds depth to your rooms. Also include some throws over the arm of a chair or sofa while you are at it.
  • Display your books in a different way. Instead of having them all in the same upright position, make one shelf with the books lying horizontally. I wrote about this in another blog about your own style, have a read here.
  • Add a few lamps. Table lamps or floor lamps might just create more atmosphere. Or even change a light fixture. Switch out bulbs if it creates a cold light by bulbs that read ‘warm white‘.
  • Change your pictures. Why not add some new ones which are not that expensive with downloadable art. Downloadable art is very accessible these days for example on websites like Etsy or Society6 and many more. It is easy enough to paint or update standard frames.
  • Then there is always paint. You can paint a space and it will immediately feel fresh and new. To paint an accent wall or put wallpaper on will also transform a space.
  • And last but not least, change the covers of your throw pillows. They are almost like the make-up (in a good sense) of the space. if you feel the space is too bland, add some extra vibrant ones. During the summer you might want to have the covers more bright and light, while during the colder months you want it cosy with warm colours. I have quite a few throw pillows spread over the house, so every now and then when I feel like a change of scenery in a certain room I’ll swap the covers around. It gives the room a fresh look.
Quick refresh of your interior space

There are so many more things you can easily do to freshen up your space, like changing hardware on drawers and cabinets or move display items to other places in your home. It just really depends on what you want to do.

Whatever changes you want to make, remember to take the time and do it thoroughly. Draw out what you want to do and make a list. If you don’t do it properly, you’ll regret it and it won’t feel like a good change.

Enjoy the finished changes.

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