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Some time ago I read an article on how people style their homes.  I was wondering about this, because it is so easy (and maybe a bit boring) to just follow the so-called rules about colours and patterns. But, don’t forget the space you are decorating, putting style into is your unique space. So your home, your style.


How can you have amazing style in your house, without it being decorated exactly like the latest style or home décor magazine? Thus styling with your own personality in mind.

Here are a few good ideas to think about your own style and really make the space your own, put your unique stamp on it.  Style has no boundaries except to make it your own.  Make your home the place you love. Let the different rooms flow into each other, feel part of the whole.  I try to re-use things, and if I need to buy new I look at sustainability and durability of items.

A few ideas to style your home:

Style your home
Africa trinkets on display
  • Are you a traveller (well before the pandemic)?

If so, use those trinkets from your travels to decorate your home.  That way the house will definitely feel unique. Be clever, put them in such a place that it can become a talking point for guests. Also, use the colour to fit with the scheme of the room. You could also display it together to make it more coherent (see picture on the right) or place it in between objects with the same colour, for example.

  • Hunt for pieces:

Sometimes you’ll find something amazing and different in charity shops or at flea markets.  You really need to look and search, take your time to find that one unique piece.  And to mix vintage pieces with modern pieces from shops like Ikea, is another very unique look.

  • Rules are boring:

Indeed. The rule about certain colours that don’t work together, bold wallpaper in small spaces, dark colours in small spaces and other rules.  It really depends on what you like and sometimes you just need to be brave. Just do it, put that very bold wallpaper with the enormous flowers in the downstairs bathroom, or paint that small room a dark colour.  In the end it is your place and you have to live there. Make it your own, use you own style.


  • Use textures to get a layered effect:

To give a more layered effect and to create depth in your space mix up your materials, like use wood or softer materials against metallics. Use baskets, plants and soft furnishings to create a cosy vibe. Or do you have a wall that needs a bit more pizazz, a bit more flair? Why not try some wall panelling?

your home your style
Beautiful panelling for a layered effect.

Other good ideas

  • If you are an avid reader, why not style your books in an alternative style. Break the vertical lines by putting some horizontal stacks in between, or vice versa. This also creates more visual interest. Try and keep the rhythm random otherwise it becomes a rigid pattern, which you don’t want.


Style your home
A different way to display books.



  • Do you own amazing art? To put it on display, paint all your walls white or a light creamy colour for the art to be the main feature.
  • Go online for ideas. Pinterest is amazing and can give you such a high on inspiration.
  • Decide what you like, for example rustic, modern, farmstyle, chique or ecclectic and look for shops that sell those kind of things.  That is where you go for a style and idea fixer as well.  I love to mix rustic and modern.

It might take time, but you know when something works for you, for your style. Have fun and enjoy doing you.

my name, Ieteke, signed under the blog post withyourcoffee


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