Bedroom make-over

Easy bedroom update

When it comes to interiors many people feel overwhelmed by too many options. They find it hard to make decisions. Decisions about changing room lay-outs, picking colours and choosing furniture or soft furnishings.

As with so many things in life, if you just do what is manageable and what your budget (and you self) can handle, then it becomes possible to change the decor in your house, without feeling overwhelmed. Break your goals down, concentrate on what is achievable and only focus on that.

I have found with interior decor – time and again – small changes, small updates (and not necessarily expensive ones) go a long way and can have a big impact on a room. I recently made a few very important and long overdue changes to our bedroom to give it a new lease on life. And they were not expensive.


In this blog I am going to show you how I went about to update this bedroom. Maybe this will help you when you’re changing some decor in your house next time, without feeling overwhelmed. So let’s start:


Moodboard for our bedroom.

I used Milanote to get my initial thoughts together. Milanote is a very handy tool to make visual moodboards for any project – from interiors to artworks, to stories.

What is really great about this tool, is that you can pull any visuals, not only from your own selection but also links from websites and stick it on the board. Also if you are a list-maker, this is ideal. You can add your to-do-list and any other list on the board.

This way everything is in one place. All your ideas and links. Oh, and it is free.





As with most make-overs paint always just gives you that fresh new look. With our bedroom I decided on a light colour – Orchid White from Dulux – for all the walls as well as the skirtings. I used this colour in many other parts of our house including the kitchen, which I wrote about in this blog. This will give the flow of the rooms in the house some continuity. Everyone is different, but I do like earthy tones with some drama. So for the drama and to create atmosphere I decided on Foxmount from Colourtrend, the Historic Collection, on the accent wall behind the bed. And it is a fabulous warm colour. For a moment when I started painting it on the wall, I thought it was too dark, but no, it works perfectly.

Remember with painting it is the preparation before that really takes the time. We had to sand down all the skirting boards which took a lot of time and then put masking tape everywhere. You don’t want to end up with splashes of paint on the floors or windows.

Bedroom make-over : Preparation is key
Accent wall at the back of the bed painted in Foxmount.


Better organising

Who doesn’t love a good organised area? I love when I can find things and everything has its place. And yes I am a hoarder of scarves, headbands, sunhats and some chunky jewellery pieces. The area around my dressing table was mostly driving me nuts (as you can see in the before picture) because it became messy so quickly.

A well organised area around my dressing table.

I have been looking for a good organising system and eventually found these hooks in Ikea. They are a rack with six knobs in solid oak. I bought three, so altogether 18 hooks to hang things from. Very neat and very organised.

It is almost like wall decoration. And I am so happy with the result!








Soft Furnishings

We didn’t really need any new furniture except for some soft furnishings like light fittings and a rug as well as some new linen. During the first lockdown in Ireland I sanded down and painted the rocking chair and it looks really good in our bedroom now. (You can follow me on Instagram where I post many of my ideas and projects).

I also made a duvet cover from a piece of fabric I bought from Urban Outfitters, which is a tapestry, but lovely soft fabric. (See the picture below that features the bed for the duvet cover.) It is also important to add texture and layers to make the room feel cosy and warm.

New light fitting.


I am really happy with the final result. Nice luxurious feel of the rug and all the off-whites complementing each other with the warmth of the colour on the accent wall behind our bed. And that in turn complementing the wood and brass accents in the room.

Happy updating!



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