Make your space your own

Make Your Space Your Own

It’s pleasing on the eye to have a space designed which looks like a picture out of a designer magazine. But, we all know if your interior looks exactly like the one next door, it unfortunately lacks personality and is forgettable.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no harm in creating a beautiful designed interior space styled with all the colours, furniture and soft furnishing you love. Especially if you’re a person who loves colours, spaces, textures and it is important to you.

However, it is equally important that you create a home with that awesome interior. This means to put your own personal stamp on it. Make it really your own. The space where you can relax, really feel at home, enjoy your surroundings and just be you.

Here are some ideas to make your space uniquely your own.

Five tips:

  • Add personal items that really mean something to you. For example, create a trendy photo gallery with photographs of your own family and people or landscapes you love. Or use pictures that are significant, not some random designs bought somewhere. Design within the space how many photographs you want to use, what size you want the pictures to be, which frames you will use and make it distinctively yours. Here is a blog where I explain some ideas for interesting wall decor.


  • Make the living space cozy by adding cushions in the fabrics you love. Why not make some cushion covers from fabric that matter to you. Like an old skirt, dress, shirt or duvet cover which has emotional value. Or maybe you bought some fabric on a holiday and have never used it. Now is the time. Add it between the other bought cushions and make the sofa or chair look really individual.


  • Add plants. Plants always make a space look cosier and somehow more relaxed. Maybe it is the colour green that does it? However instead of buying all your house plants, why not get cuttings from friends? Trade some of your cuttings with theirs. That way you might get some plants you never even thought about getting and the same for them. I wrote in a blog about houseplants which plants work best for me.


  • If you are creative, like to paint or work in a mixed media art, why not invest time in making an art piece for a room in your house. It can be anything. For example: design a picture for a splashback in your kitchen from bits of tile, make a wall mural in your living room using decoupage or use a selection of mixed media art to make something uniquely yours. But take you time. Measure the space you want to cover, draw out the image you want to portray and really take care in the creating of it. And ultimately enjoy the final product.


  • Lastly why not go in search of a second-hand piece of furniture and bring it back to its former glory! Get the help in of professionals if you have a certain idea or do it yourself. Not only is this therapeutic, but something unique in your space.
Make your space your own

Here is an upholstered chair in the fabric of my choice.


Enjoy the process.

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