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Winter Warmers for your Wellbeing

With winter closing in on the northern hemisphere it is time to get ready for the coldest of seasons here. That means cosy winter warmers like soft blankets to snuggle in, warm fires and so much more.

According to the National Geographic winter in the northern hemisphere in general begins on December 21 or 22. This is the winter solstice, or the day of the year with the shortest time of daylight. Summer begins on June 20 or 21 when the summer solstice happens, thus the day of the year which has the most daylight of any day in the year. Then again spring and autumn (fall), begin on equinoxes, days that have equal amounts of daylight and darkness. Springs falls on March 20 or 21 and Autumn on September 22 or 23.

But let’s get back to winter, because in Ireland that is what is happening now. Still in autumnal mood here, winter is catching up. We’ve already moved to winter time as I wrote in a recent blog, but it is not fully winter yet. The days are however getting shorter, and soon it will be full-on winter.

Yes, we’ll miss the long evenings and the light clothing, but it is possible to create a cosiness, a pleasant and welcome atmosphere in the house while it is cold outside. A sort of hygge-feeling in the house which will also help with your wellbeing. Although hygge isn’t only for winter months, but that’s a blog for another day.

A few things to make winter easier and enjoyable:

Some wood for the winter.
  • Warm socks and warm sweaters. To keep warm and cosy is so essential to help with your mood during the winter months. Soft and comfortable clothing that will keep you warm but doesn’t restrict any part. And there is nothing worse than cold feet, so keep them warm with comfortable soft socks which shouldn’t sit tight around the ankles.
  • Have soft comfortable blankets and throws in your living spaces to snuggle in. Create a space that is tranquil and calm with lots of textures and softness. Also use warm lighting which will help you relax in the space.
  • An open fire or stove is ideal to heat up the room and enjoy a comfortable day or evening. And with that enough fuel to keep the fires going.
  • Look up some recipes for hearty meals like stews or thick soups with warm bread and butter. It doesn’t really get any better than sitting in a relaxing warm space enjoying some wholesome food with loved ones.
  • Undeniably any kind of hot chocolate drink makes winter so much more decadent. Especially if you add all kinds of deliciousness like whipped cream, cinnamon, marshmallows, or a drop of alcohol to spice it up. If you are not a hot chocolate drinker there are many types of teas that are equally as nice and warming, for example Pukka teas. (Side note: Pukka is totally sustainable.)
  • The aromatic smell of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom, is also really good for the senses.
  • A good book, magazine, or board games, anything to help you relax.
  • A comfortable chair or sofa, even a bean bag, whatever is really comfortable because that is the key word.
  • And of course when the days are cold, but the skies are clear, take a long walk to clear those cobwebs! Put on a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and warm shoes and get exercising. Invigorating.
winter warmers fire stove
Sitting cosy in front of the fire.

And then there are always lovely scented candles, long hot baths, delicious smelling kitchens, spices and so much more to enjoy during the darker months in the northern hemisphere, all to make winter warmer and more inviting.

Take care. Slán

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