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Macaroni Cheese - such comfort food

Macaroni Cheese – ultimate comfort food

I love comfort food. If food could hug, this would be that kind of food.  It makes you feel warm and cosy and comfortable, outside and inside. During these times when we can’t really meet up and have to stay in our…

Delightful sweet potato soup

A sweet potato soup recipe from this recipe book - A soup for Every Day - is been described in this blog post with pictures.
apples in Autumn

Apples in Autumn

A few years ago, we planted three apple trees in our front garden.  For the bees and for the apples.  Since then we’ve had an abundance of apples to eat and to cook with.  The harvest starts in September,…
Chocolate Chip cookies

DOUBLE chocolate chip cookies

I just love when I find a recipe for cookies that is always successful, easy, a favourite with (almost) everyone, but above everything else - delicious. In this Rachel Allen recipe book the Double Chocolate Chip cookies is…