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Tray bake jam slices

What is a tray bake?  It is a cake baked in a tray and then cut into slices.  I love making tray bakes. It is mostly straightforward and usually tastes delicious. Also an easy way to bake far more than you need in one go! The…
spices in my cupboard

Spices in my cupboard

I don't like to follow a recipe to the letter. Maybe because I get bored easily with cooking and baking. This, however, might be a reason why I love using spices and experimenting with them when cooking and baking. Spices…
Babylonstoren working farm

Enjoying the gardens at Babylonstoren

  At the foot of Simonsberg in the Franschhoek wine valley in South Africa, lies Babylonstoren, one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms. As a working farm visitors and tourists can experience and relish in the wealth…
recipe for oats cookies

Recipe for Oat Cookies

These kind of cookies have so many names - crunchies, flapjacks, oat cookies, to name but a few. But whatever they're called they are usually very easy to make, delicious, hearty and filling. Especially if you pack flavour into…
random organinsing

Some random organizing ideas

Usually when I am organizing, I try to keep to one room or a section of a room. But, over the past few weeks I’ve done some random organizing, unrelated to specific rooms or items, only because there was an urgent need to…

How to boost your creativity?

"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”Sylvia Plath Much has been written and said about creativity. To be creative is not only about being an artist or performer. It is about finding new and innovative ways to…

Dutch Speculaas filled with marzipan

  I remember as a young girl the delicious smells of baking wafting through our house. My mom baking. Just so enticing. Even a stranger - probably a sales person - once came to the door and walked straight to the…

Another apple tart

Yes, I know. Another apple-story and another recipe for an apple tart. But hey, who doesn't love apple tart and with it being autumn here, it is apple season. Also this one has a French twist with frangipane added. I found…
random life hacks

Organising your spaces

Every now and then my cupboards, wardrobes and all those kind of spaces need some clearing out and some organising. Well, mostly organising. To organise literally means 'to put in order' or 'to arrange' or 'to group together'.…
Good things that happened in 2020

Good things about 2020

  With 2021 still in its baby shoes, most of us are glad 2020 is over.  It was an unprecedented year to say the least.  Millions of people got infected by the Covid-19 coronavirus. More than one million sadly died.  Governments…